Day 1 – Know your role & set the scene

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Your Action Steps:

Step #1: Update your Goddess profile:

– Add the place you want to live as your cover photo.

– Write in the city of the place you want to live in under Current Hometown.

Step #2:  Set your alarm up for 10 minutes earlier than usual for the next couple of days. Starting your day off with getting into your character is crucial. 

Step #3: WATCH and LISTEN to activation as soon as you wake up (that’s why you need extra time in the morning)

Step #4: Dance and Sing in the shower and/or while getting your day started. (posting a (none nude) pic or video of this gets you extra points)

Step #5: DO NOT PUT ON THE NEWS IN THE MORNING.  If you need weather info, please find another way to get it. 


Why you need to do it:

Creating your goddess profile activates the new world you’re creating. Set your scene in a place you desire to live in- regardless of “restrictions” you may currently see. 

Starting your day off with activations will help you to get into character every day and begin to unravel things in your life to help you see more clearly.


Next Steps:

Once you finish watching Day 1 video and updated your profile, make sure to update your alarm clock now so you don’t forget.

Click on “Mark Complete” button on the bottom and you will get access to Activation #1 that needs to be done on the morning of Day 2. 


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